Air Source Heat Pumps

Rebate Information for Performance Tested Comfort System (PTCS)

Lincoln Electric Cooperative will pay you $500-$1,000 if you purchase and install a qualifying air source heat pump system from a certified contractor. A $500 rebate will be paid when the majority of ducts are installed in a basement or conditioned crawlspace. A $1,000 rebate will be paid when the majority of ducts are installed in an unconditioned crawlspace or vented crawlspace, ducts are insulated and sealed to program specifications by a contractor approved to do duct sealing, and your system passes a PTCS test. (Contractor must have duct sealing checked on Certified Contractor List). Before making a purchase, be sure to review the attached Air Source Heat Pump Information and Rebate Forms so you are familiar with all program and contractor requirements.

Here's how to qualify for the rebate:

Rebate Information for Non-PTCS Installation

Lincoln Electric will pay you $800-$1,000 to replace the electric forced air furnace with an air source heat pump purchased and installed a certified contractor. An $800 rebate will be paid for a non-variable speed air source heat pump and $1,000 is available for variable speed air source heat pumps. To qualify for a non-PTCS rebate, your air source heat pump must replace an electric forced air furnace in a manufactured or modular home.

Here's how to qualify for the rebate:

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Download this file (Certified Heat Pump Contractors 2020-07.pdf)Certified Heat Pump Contractor ListReference Document186 kB
Download this file (Air Source Heat Pump Conversion Form WITHOUT PTCS.pdf)Non-PTCS Air Source Heat PumpRebate Form749 kB
Download this file (ASHP Rebate Form.pdf)PTCS Air Source Heat PumpRebate Form100 kB
Download this file (ASHP Information.pdf)Air Source Heat Pump InformationReference Document91 kB