2017 Luck of the Draw winners from left. Front Row: Ryan Price, Connor Harmon and Courtney Harmon (accepted by Charles Harmon), Ashlyn Waldo (Charlotte Park), Gina Williams, Emily Billow (Jennifer Armstrong), James Dunn, Derek Hickman (Myles Hickman), Jaimie Soderling (Jenny Soderling) Kaylee Kronsperger, Cole Pickering (Jean Pickering), Taylor Pacella (Sandra Pacella). Back Row: Brad Stein, Braden Thier (Tim Thier). Parents accepted on behalf of students that were unavailable due to school or extracurricular activity conflicts.

Luck of the Draw Scholarships

Fourteen $1,000 Scholarships Awarded to Lucky LEC Students

LEC awarded fourteen (14) $1,000 Luck of the Draw scholarships at our Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 25, 2017. The winners were randomly drawn from all 49 eligible applicants. This is a unique approach as it gives all eligible applicants an equal chance of winning.

These scholarships are to be used toward the student's first undergraduate degree or certification at an accredited two-year, four-year, trade, or vocational institution for the upcoming 2017 fall term.

The application deadline was March 15, 2017. Please check back early 2018 for your next opportunity to apply for this scholarship program.

The Luck of the Draw Scholarship program is not funded directly through electric rates, nor will it affect rates directly. LEC's scholarship funds come from unclaimed capital credit money that has been placed in an account and is earning interest. Every effort is made to notify members of unclaimed capital credits before placing the money in the account.

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