Member Services

Install A New Service

If you wish to install a new service, you will need to submit a completed new service application. Please accompany the line extension application with the required $400 non-refundable engineering fee, which is applied toward the new service project costs.

Due to the increase of new service requests, please allow ample time for the new service installation process, which can take multiple months to complete. It is recommended to apply well in advance of when service is needed on your property. In cooperative fashion, all new service requests will be processed on a first-come basis. Regardless of your circumstances, Lincoln Electric is unable to prioritize your request by delaying other members’ projects with an earlier action date.

New Membership

Individual and Joint Account

If you will be a new Lincoln Electric member, you must return a completed Member Information Form to Lincoln Electric. Please complete the first page, then sign and date the second page. If it is to be a joint account, both new members must complete their information and provide signatures. Keep in mind that we will be able to discuss the account only with the member(s) who have submitted their information and signature on the Member Information Form.

multi-owner account

If you are applying for membership as a corporation, partnership, political body, or non-profit group, you will need to complete the applicable Member Information Form. You will also need to contact us for information on the supporting documents required for non-individual membership.

New Service Process

  • Lincoln Electric receives the completed application, engineering fee, and member form (if applicable)
  • A work order is created for your project, typically within a week.
  • A staking technician call you to schedule a required field appointment when their workload permits, which may be up to six weeks out.
  • The staking technician creates a cost sheet and applicable paperwork for your project, then mails or emails you the project documentation. You should receive your paperwork within a couple of weeks after the field visit.
  • You submit the properly executed paperwork, proof of a State of Montana electrical permit, and payment of the cost sheet. The length of this step of the process is determined by you.
  • Once Lincoln Electric has received all necessary paperwork and payment, we release the projects to our operations department to coordinate scheduling of installation with your contractor and/or electrician. Installation of Lincoln Electric facilities will not be scheduled until all member responsible components, such as the meter base, are installed and ready to be energized. Please understand that material availability will also be a factor in how quickly we are able to install your service.