Flex Advantage Program

Lincoln Electric’s Flex Advantage program offers significant benefits for many of our members. A Flex Advantage account allows members to pay in advance of their usage, rather than accumulate a debit balance that is billed after the end of the month.

About Flex Advantage


To start a Flex Advantage account, you must begin with a minimum credit balance of $50.00. If you are a traditionally billed account, you will need to pay your outstanding account balance, plus any charges since the last billing, plus $50 for a credit on your account, less your account deposit (if you have one on your account.

You must have the ability to monitor your account usage and balance. This can be done online through your SmartHub account or by calling the Lincoln Electric secure payment system at 833-890-6258.

You must have at least one active notification method (phone, email, text) on file with Lincoln Electric. You are responsible for keeping your information current to ensure you continue to receive account notifications.

How it Works

You begin with a credit balance on your account. Each day, your account is charged for the kWh you used the previous day, plus a daily system maintenance charge. Your credit balance is reduced by this total. You will receive daily morning notifications when your credit balance is less than $20.00. You can manage your notification methods and settings using your SmartHub account.

If you use all your credit balance, your service will automatically be disconnected at 10:00 a.m. When your service is disconnected, it will continue to accrue a daily system maintenance charge. You are still responsible for payment of all accumulated charges to Lincoln Electric. To reconnect your service, you must pay enough to cover your overdue amount, as well as create a new credit balance.

If your service is disconnected for ten (10) consecutive days, your account will be closed, and a final bill will be issued. Once your account is closed, you must contact Lincoln Electric during normal business hours to re-establish service. When you discontinue service, any outstanding credits or debits will be refunded or billed to you.

Disconnect exceptions

Your service will not be disconnected if one or more of the following conditions apply. If your service is subject to disconnect on one of these days, it will be disconnected on the next applicable business day, unless you have re-established a credit balance.

  • Lincoln Electric has received confirmation from an energy assistance program of approved funding in an amount that is enough to re-establish a credit balance on your account.
  • The temperature per NOAA’s Eureka Ranger Station is 15 degrees Fahrenheit or colder at 9:00 a.m.
  • It’s a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or a Lincoln Electric observed holiday.