Luck of the Draw Scholarships


Please continue to check here, Rural Montana, and Facebook (@lincolnelectriccooperative) for 2021 Luck of the Draw scholarship information.

Due to the Annual Meeting postponement, scholarship winners were drawn in June so students could better plan for their education funding. Congratulations to the following winners!

$1,000 Winners - Jarrit Persson, Jakeb Kindel, Madeline Richards-Schlarman, Rebecca Clements, Briah Thayer, Garrett Graves, Bailey Bishop, McKenna Johnson, Michelle Leonard, Hank Dunn.

$2,000 Winner - Logan Mepham.

$5,000 Winner - Cory Chaney.

One (1) $5,000, one (1) $2,000, and ten (10) $1,000 scholarships were available for 2020! Scholarship winners are drawn at random from all eligible applicants. This is a unique approach as it gives all eligible applicants an equal chance of winning.

To be eligible:

LEC has awarded over $116,000 in Luck of the Draw scholarships to our members and/or their dependents since 2010. The Luck of the Draw scholarship program is not funded directly through electric rates, not will it affect rates. LEC's scholarship funds come from unclaimed capital credit money that has been placed in an account and is earning interest. Every effort is made to notify members of unclaimed capital credits before placing the money in the account.